Villa Adorable
Katouna Lefkas


Katouna is a small mountain village with unique natural beauty perched on the hillside above Ligia. The village used to have 650 houses, 5 olive pressers and a number of traditional cafes and taverns until the 60's when its residents gradually abandoned it and went to live by the sea.

It was only when a number of travellers visited Katouna again and savored the hospitable atmosphere and beauties it offers, that it once again came into the limelight. Many of them loved the uniqueness of the village and decided to acquire their own homes there. As a result, the village has a rare international atmosphere and offers a stay of rare quality.

Today Katouna are all these people together. All these people who own a place there and want to share it with others. Because home is not where you were born, but the place where you want to come back again and again!

Useful information

In the village square you can taste the wonderful greek 'meze' in the traditional tavern 'Koloka' and the recently reopened 'Sosivio'.

Within 2 km of Katouna you can also find a bakery, a super market, taverns and the picturesque port of Lygia. Also, you can enjoy fresh fish at the taverns 'Xoura', 'John's' etc.